What topics are covered during this Computer Science Institute program?

Introduction to block based coding and micro:bit Connecting micro:bit and Scratch to create projects. Basic concepts such as algorithms and sequencing Programming concepts including loops and variables. Computational concepts such as iteration and conditionals.

Why should my student do this program every year?

Coming back to Computer Science Institute each summer gives your students an ongoing opportunity to improve their computational thinking and problem solving skills preparing them for high school and beyond.

How are students chosen for the Computer Science Institute program?

Computer Science Institute targets students who are 7th/8th graders. The school district allocates spaces based on teacher recommendations. Please contact your district if you have questions about your student’s eligibility.

Does my student have to attend every session?

Since the Computer Science Institute 7 - 8 program is only 19 half-days, it is important that your student attends every session. Any absence will result in your student missing key concepts that will benefit them. By enrolling your child, you are committing your student to attending the full program.

Does my student need any materials?

Students will be given a Micro:Bit and additional prototyping materials for use during the program.These materials will need to be picked-up from the school campus at a designated time. We also suggest having pencils, notebook, scissors and being creative with repurposing materials.

How will the program be taught virtually?

CSI will be using multiple platforms such as Nearpod, Google Classroom, Micro:Bit Classroom and Zoom to engage with students. Please contact SVEF if you need further assistance accessing a device or reliable internet.

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